Fleet & Commercial Vehicles

Fleet of White Vans

Fleetway Capital has helped many businesses lease the vehicles they need to start, maintain, and grow their operation. Flexible leasing programs can be tailored to suite your needs as a business, owner/operator or individual. The unpredictable business environment makes the flexibility of our leasing programs attractive to anyone who needs to lease a vehicle. We can help you lease any type of new or used vehicle, commercial or personal. Small fleet vehicles, with your industry’s specific equipment can be leased all at once or one at a time as needed. Vehicles listed below are just a sample of what Fleetway Capital is capable of leasing through our lease leasing programs. To find out more about how we can help you or your organization, please contact us by emailing us at sales@fleetwaycapital.com or call us at 610-962-9292.


• Tow Truck

• Dump Truck

• Wrecker

• Rollback

• Snow Plow

• Salt Spreader

• Crane

• Septic Truck

• Drilling Riggs

• Cement Mixer

• Car Carrier

• Garbage/Recycling Trucks

• Tractor (Day cab/Sleeper)

• Equipment Trailer


• Hearses

• 12-Passenger Express Vans

• Para-transit Vehicles

• Ambulances

• Limousines

• Senior Center Transportation

• Childcare Transportation

• Group Home Transportation

• Wheel Chair Vans

• Services Trucks

Executive/Individual Vehicles:

• Hummer

• Viper

• Ferrari

• Corvette

• Porsche

• Jaguar


• Chevrolet

• Acura

• Lexus

• Mercedes Benz


• Land Rover

• Chrysler